Procurement Templates #Free The Hour

I was once asked  “can you tell me what goes through your mind when conducting a cost reduction exercise so I can replicate  your actions, copy you so I can get the same results” on the surface this  might seem like a simple question but it’s more complex than you do ABC to get XYZ results! Expertise isn’t something that can be bottled and re-packaged like a production line. However there are certain techniques and templates that can be used to help aide users in their day to day procurement activities

 There are many different sources of information available but I wanted a repository that I can trust, where everything is held in a single place. Consider the free templates as my gift to you. I’m paying it forward by sharing some of my experience and tips with those who are either new to the profession, or want to get templates without re-inventing the wheel.  

Procurement Templates is a  procurement portal and blog to help new and seasoned professionals enhance and craft their existing skills. Material on this site is a mixture of free and premium content that can be adapted with very little effort but maximum impact. Most free templates are housed in the blog section, you can access articles containing example documents that you can use immediately or if required developed further to suit your own needs. This procurement portal and blog is comprised of a blend of free and premium content. Use the search button and input a keyword such as “specification” to read blog articles relating to specification and the search will bring up relevant results.

New information is updated regularly, and new versions are constantly added to the portfolio.High quality procurement templates and guidance material allow procurement managers to work faster and leaner.  If you like what you see please share with colleagues in a procurement or commercial environment. My philosophy is to work smarter free up precious time to concentrate on the more enjoyable aspects of the sourcing process. If you value efficiency but don’t want to compromise on quality, you can be assured that the templates are used in real companies in different industries. If you want to work with me direct I can provide procurement consultancy on a scope of works, interim or or retainer basis.

Not everything is free!

The  A-Z premium procurement templates  cover a wide range of indirect procurement categories and each ITT template or guidance is sold at a competitive price point in line with the amount of time and complexity required to write and prepare the documents.

Benefits of premium templates include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lower cost for companies who want to update their suite of tender documents and lack the experience to write it from scratch.
  • Suitable for experienced contractors, templates 99% ready and on the shelf for you to make minimal changes, mean you can  work smarter, freeing you up to spend more time where you wish, i.e preparing a negotiation strategy, relationship building or managing multiple clients in a fraction of the time.
  • Users can save time writing documents and can spend more time to conduct spend analysis, write category plans and  develop the procurement strategy.
  •  Specialist knowledge for mid range career level procurement officers where there is  appetite to do more, but there is a mixed set of expertise and  the cost benefit of pulling together a tender in house and the required resources to write a technical specification outweigh purchasing from Procurement Templates.
  • Speed to market, and quality assurance
  • I have prepared premium templates to help you work smarter not longer. Don’t forget you can use the search function to input a keyword to find articles on a wide range of different procurement subjects & insider tips.

All documents are at a standard to be used in the workplace and you can be confident that the documents are a quality standard suitable for immediate use. Don’t forget if you require Consultancy services, you can get a return on investment & quick wins much faster. I am only based in London for interim work, but willing to travel further for retainer projects where work is done offsite, attendance at client site will be booked as 0.5 day for retainer clients.

Value for Money

Discount Ticket

Purchase the Discount Ticket if you want multiple templates ie  a user with high volume usage. Buy a one off discount ticket for £100 and receive all  download items @40% discount. Users who purchase the discount ticket can also access a subscription for 15 minutes email coaching per quarter for a maximum of 12 months