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Toolkit for Buying PR Services

Buying PR is different to buying a commodity, therefore, procurement personnel need to act differently to get stakeholder buy-in.

  1. Does the organisation have a roster of agencies for the different PR related requirements?
  2. If you have a complaint contract ensure you use the current agencies rather than re-tendering every time there is a new requirement.
  3. If your roster needs refreshing who would you add to the panel, keep track of potential new agencies keen to work with you and your brand.
  4. When tendering or onboarding new agencies make sure the specification is clear and that they understand the brief.
  5. New agencies are selected via a formal tender or competitive process in line with the thresholds set by the organisation.
  6. Is the supplier capable of providing local, regional or global services/campaigns?
  7. How can you include a performance-related metric in the supplier milestones and deliverables?
  8. Hold regular service reviews with the supplier
  9. Is it possible for collaboration between the ASL agencies
  10. Make sure you understand the cost model, rate card and cost breakdown for activities
  11. Benchmark cost by comparing personnel performing the tasks and their experience- do you get the best people or the people at the right price?
  12. If the scope is likely to change consider the route to market and how you might build in flexibility to the specification
  13. If cost estimates change because the campaign has changed request for a cost tracker and flag/alert before money is committed, ask for projections. Hold budget meetings, budget versus expenditure.
  14. Consider project evaluation, define what is considered as a success and what can be improved. Identify options for efficiency to get ideas for savings in the next campaign.
  15. Ask your agency for ideas to reduce cost
  16. Track the ROI for a campaign
  17. Get stakeholders to buy into procurement as a value add rather than a function concentrating on cost reduction – talk their language.
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