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Tender App Procurify

Procurement is not moving as fast as FMCG in using technology and Tender App, here is a spotlight on Procurify.

This is not a sponsored post and the source of the content is available on Procurify direct.  Some of the main features are listed here but if you want to make comparisons with other companies check out Capterra 



Procurify keeps all communication related to spending in one user-friendly platform. Everyone stays in the loop so that requisitions and approvals aren’t lost or forgotten.

Your team can set a due date for its needs to help managers prioritize requests.

Give your team the certainty of knowing who is approving their request.

Keep your team happy with Procurify’s travel and expense reporting. Team members can create expense reports on their mobile phone, upload receipts, and get on with their day.

With Procurify, your team can see the status of their requests throughout the requisition process, and are notified of changes instantly. Bring transparency to your spend management.

Don’t just assume. Clarify the details of an order directly on the request to keep all the information in one place.

You’ve built a relationship with preferred suppliers and vendors. Ensure your team takes advantage of this relationship with Procurify’s simple catalog management.

Procurify can auto-fill order details for products you find online to help you get on with your day.

Once a CSV is uploaded, Procurify consolidates the entire list so you can get a system of record set up quicker.

Expect more visibility from your company spending. A better spend management process starts with being consciously aware of budgets to make informed decisions.

Create approval process controls and dollar thresholds for every user across different teams, departments, or even locations.

Have the flexibility to set custom thresholds for the dollar amount each approver can greenlight. Requests can be sent through different approval levels that fit your company’s structure so you can have spend control that isn’t arbitrary but purposeful.

Quickly see how a purchase will affect your budget before making a purchase. Understanding your budgets in real time will help your team make more informed decisions and, lead to better budget management.

By using Procurify as a system of permanent records, you can create an audit trail of every purchase your company makes. An effective budget tracking software like Procurify gives you the full story behind every purchase.

Cut down the time it takes to make purchase orders. Procurify automatically fills in relevant details so you can email the purchase order to your vendor immediately.

Procurify stores and sorts all your purchase orders in a centralized location so you can easily see your purchasing history.

Get a breakdown of company spending by your users, approvers, departments and even your vendors. Gather the data and set policies to promote a better spend culture or correct unwarranted spending.



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