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Team Meeting Agenda

Capture information on Team Meetings so you don’t waste time by talking but not capturing actions. This Team Meeting Agenda should do the trick.

The purpose of a team meeting is to catch up on a regular basis to discuss a status update. Team members should all be aware of what workload their colleagues have on at any moment so they can provide a consistent service level to internal and external stakeholders at any given time.

Perhaps take it in turns to chair the meeting, giving everyone a chance to lead, some members of the team are naturally quieter than others so this gives everyone an opportunity to practice chairing meetings.

The optimal frequency is once a week but if you have fast moving projects you might want to have a quick 15-30 minute briefing session on a daily basis.

If you are attending a more formal meeting check whether if your company has official templates to be used or check brand guidelines if the Agenda is to be issued to a wider audience outside of the company.  Normally attendees are listed in order of seniority and its optional but you can list in alphabetical order and don’t forget to include job titles.



Location:                                                                                             Time:                   


Purpose: Review performance & plans daily    

Project Attendees:

Agenda                                                                                Project lead

Project team

  1. Resources (planned v actual)
  2. Stakeholder visits to the hub/Meetings

Daily tasks

– Review previous day

– Plan for current day                                                                                    Input from:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Meeting Rules:                                                                

Adhere to the rhythm and make sure this is priority

Everybody to have an input

No interruption of others

Respect others opinions

Ask anything

Safe environment to discuss issues

What is discussed in the room stays in the room

Everybody to note their action coming out of the meeting

Be respectful

Be open, honest and supportive

Be professional and corporate

Challenge in a positive and constructive way

Be positive and upbeat – ‘can do attitude’

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