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RFQ Template


An RFQ is short for a Request for Quote and is typically used in lower value competitions and tenders. The template below can be used as a basic template. Note if you require an advanced ITT I recommend you purchase an advanced tender template on our A-Z premium templates.

If you need help with an RFQ scoring sheet you can purchase a template for just £1.99 


Cover Letter

Dear Sir/Madam [Company] is pleased to invite you to submit a quotation to [Company] for [insert description.


The following documents are enclosed:

Part A: The Specification

Part B: Submission of Response

Part C: Conditions of Contract

Quotations must be submitted by [insert date] and sent to: [either insert email address or e-tender portal]


Yours faithfully





<<Enter Name

<<Enter Job Title

RFQ Document

Request for Quotation (RFQ)  for the provision of [insert name] 

 Reference  [xx/xx/xx/xx] 

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS [insert company ] would like to invite Quotations for the provision of [requirement].

BACKGROUND [insert the background requirement for the company] [insert the background requirements regarding the department buying the goods/ services and information on whether if this is a new or existing requirement]

Either provide the indicative volume or budget – do not give both 

Add information on the expected contract term


This procurement process is intended to follow the timeline below:

1 .Request for Quotation Issued [Insert Date]
2. Deadline for Questions [Insert Date]
3. Deadline for Quotation Responses [Insert Date]
4. Quotation Evaluation [Insert Date]
5. Contract Awarded [Insert Date]
6. Contract Strategy/Delivery Meeting [Insert Date]

Please note the [company] reserves the right to amend this timetable and dates are indicative.


RFQ Questions

Any queries about this document, the procurement process, or the proposed contract itself, should be referred to: [Name, Position, Tel No, e-mail address]

Questions should be submitted by email/ tender portal only. Please note that the deadline for questions is [date]


Quotations, should be submitted by [time and date],  to [insert email address/ tender portal].


The [Company] will complete an initial sift off any mandatory requirements. A formal pre-qualification is not used for an RFQ, however, your organisation’s financial stability will be assessed. Your organisation will be eliminated from the procurement process where the contract value is more than 2X your annual turnover.  

Your proposal will be assessed based on [lowest price/ a mix of price and quality] [If the proposal is based on quality aspects you need to include the criteria

for example

Quality 60%

Resources- 25%

Implementation 10%

Case Studies- 10%

Reference 10%

Exit plan 5%

Price 40%

Based on the information provided by Tenderers, each submission will be evaluated based on the following combination of price and quality:

[Add more detailed background about the requirement  [Scope- what’s included in the contract requirement and what will be sourced separately]  [there are different types of specification, below are a few examples}
  • Outcomes/Output – What do you want to achieve, state the outcome in terms of the end result
  • Inputs –In this instance the specification is more prescriptive and you tell the supplier what you want them to do and they can respond against some exact requirements
[Insert project timescales]  [what type of pricing structure do you want to use?
  • Time and materials-Unit costs or daily/hourly rates – Where the extent of the services required is unknown and will be ‘called off’ as required]
  • Fixed Price
  • Retainer]
[Performance measurements- explain how you will measure this?]  [Reporting]  [Intellectual Property Rights – Owned by [company] or supplier or jointly owned?] [Exit Strategy- if required] 



[Insert a detailed schedule against which the Tenderer can price, to allow like-for-like comparison against with the other Tenderers- easier to submit this as a separate excel file to allow like for like comparisons]

[Prices exclude VAT]



[Insert the [Company] a Standard Terms & Conditions for Services or, where these are not appropriate, terms approved by the 


Supplier Submission 

SECTION A Organisation Details 

A-1Organisation Name

A-2Type of Organisation (Please tick as appropriate)

A Public Limited company
A Limited Company
A Company Limited by Guarantee
A Partnership
A Sole Trader
A Charity
A Franchise
A Small/Medium Sized Enterprise or SME
Other (e.g.: a Special Purpose Vehicle, Joint Venture Companyetc.
Please specify


A-3 Registered Office

A-4 Company Registration


A-5 VAT Registration Number

(If applicable)

A-6 Contact Details

SECTION B Experience of the Organisation  

B-1Please provide a brief history of the Organisation.

B-2Please detail your organisation and management structure.

SECTION C References

C-1Please submit the details of two organisations who would be willing to act as references

Contact name and position in organisation Organisation name and full postal address, telephone number and e-mail address





SECTION D – ITQ Response to Specification 

[Supplier to insert the proposal]

Prepared for [company]  


Form of Tender

Method Statements [link these to the specification]


Duly authorised agent of the Supplier 


Position held

Name and Address



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