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Note the content below is copyright by IPA and is added here to help users if they need an RFI template for creative services.


                                                                                                     REQUEST FOR INFORMATION

[Insert organisation name]

 Reference:  xxx


Standardising RFI documents – a joint initiative



Agencies spend considerable time completing RFI (Request for Information) documents when pitching for new client business, each RFI being in a different format but mostly requiring similar levels of information. Clients (advertisers/marketers) often have no starting point for development of RFI documents, hence the large number of different formats in evidence and frequently seek guidance/or advice from ISBA on the type of questions to include.

Consequently the main trade bodies representing both clients and agencies in the UK (ISBA, IPA, DMA, MCCA and PRCA) decided to collaborate and help the industry by creating a jointly endorsed RFI template that would be a good starting point for clients and a recognisable standard form for agencies to respond to.

The main objective for the template is to reduce the time spent by clients and agencies alike in creating and completing RFI documents, allowing more time to focus on subsequent stages of any selection process.

All parties recognised that the ever growing complexity of communications needs and hence the agency market place has resulted in the imperative for a more flexible RFI, something which can be easily adapted to tailor a specific advertisers business requirements. We have therefore made this template available in a word format so that it can be amended where/when appropriate, but keeping to a standard format.

In the next section there are more detailed instructions on how to best make use of this RFI document.

All parties commend this new standard RFI.

It is anticipated that the content will be reviewed annually for relevance. If you have any comments on the template please feedback those comments to your relevant association (contact details below).

ISBA                                                     IPA                                                       DMA

Langham House                                    44 Belgrave Square                               DMA House

1b Portland Place                                  London                                                 70 Margaret Street

London                                                 SW1X 8QS                                           London

T: 020 7291 9020                                   T. 020 7235 7020                                   W1W 8SS

F: 020 7291 9030                                   F. 020 7245 9904                                   T. 020 7291 3300                                               F. 020 7323 4426



MCCA                                                   PRCA

4 New Quebec Street                                           Willow House
London                                     1st Floor

W1H 7RF                                                              17-23 Willow Place

  1. 020 7535 3550 London
    F. 020 7535 3551 SW1P 1JH                         T. 020 7233 6026

  1. 020 7828 4797


Instructions and Background


Before sending this RFI to your selected agencies you will need to provide some brief background on why you are reviewing and the scope of the business to ensure that you get pertinent information returned by the agencies, please find and complete the sections listed below. 

Background details to be completed by the client for this RFI  

  • Background on the scope of this RFI e.g. why you are reviewing, the type of agency you are looking to appoint
  • Objectives – what are you looking to achieve through the process
  • Scope of work e.g. Creative services, DM, Digital, PR or Media
  • Regions covered e.g. UK only, Pan-Europe, Global, EMEA
  • conflicts: List the specific competitor brands that would preclude associated agencies from this RFI
  • Budgets for this business (£) with as much context as possible i.e. including/excluding media, production etc
  • Timings: when to have this RFI completed by, client contact name, what are the next steps e.g. chemistry meetings, pitch date etc.

Additionally you (the client) are also required to complete some of the areas within the RFI document see front page and page 5 highlighted in Yellow. Once complete do not forget to remove the colour coding before passing on to the agencies.

Name of organisation


Registered address


Website address


Contact name
(Name & job title of person handling this RFI for the Agency)
Telephone number/mobile number (inc International/National code)


Email address


Fax number (inc International/National code)


Principle Office Address
(If different to registered address)
Companies House registration number


Year of registration



Please explain in full details of ownership of agency & affiliations
Where do you have offices that are relevant to this opportunity (see client brief)


What are your core business competencies?
(Brief statement of what your organisation does – 100 words max)




3.  FINANCIAL INFORMATION (Published Accounts)
TURNOVER AND PROFIT Year ending in 200_ Year ending in 200_ Year ending in 200_


£ £ £
Operating Profit


£ £ £
Additional notes or explanation of accounts


Please state if you cannot supply the above financial information as a result of the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
If you cannot supply the above financial information, Please provide us with other indications of financial health and scale (i.e. bank statement, parent company letter of comfort etc)
What is your organisation’s preferred structure / method of remuneration?
(E.g. project v’s retainer, payment by results, mark up, etc.) 
What currency does your agency trade in?




Please confirm the financial cap per claim of your agency’s Professional Indemnity Insurance?
Are you a member of any trade bodies?

(Please state which ones))


Do you have any of the following policies? (Answer Y  or N for each)



Quality Management
Disaster Recovery
Equality and Diversity
Social and Corporate Responsibility
Health and Safety













Other (list)



Please feel free to add any of the above policies as appendices to your submission



WARNING: Only divulge information with the expressed consent of the client, or information not covered by confidentiality agreements with clients.



CLIENT PROFILE                           Client Name YEARS HELD
Please list your top five clients.
(And give the number of years you’ve held the account)  
Please give brief details of what you do on each piece of business by discipline.
(E.g. business to consumer, business to business, integrated, advertising, direct marketing, digital, media, PR, etc.)


Client 2:
Client 3:
Client 4:
Client 5:
Do you currently or have you ever provided any services to (Insert Brand Name)? If so please describe the products/services offered


Please show how the following industry disciplines split as a percentage of your annual income (please provide estimates only) for all of the following:


Advertising (brand) Design
TV % Corporate %
Cinema % Packaging %
Radio % Retail %
Outdoor % Graphic %
Press % Branding %
Online %
Ambient %
Direct Marketing/Integrated Media
Direct mail % Planning
TV % TV %
Radio % Print %
Press % Outdoor %
Door drops % Digital %
Inserts % Buying
Sales promotion % TV %
POS % Print %
Affinity marketing % Outdoor %
Field marketing % Digital %
Telemarketing %
E-marketing %
Database Marketing %
Live Brand Experience %
Digital PR
Email % Corporate %
Mobile % Consumer %
Online advertising % Events %
Social media % Experiential %
Viral % Trade %
Web design % Crisis %
Web build % Celebrity %
Search % Lobbying/Public Affairs %
Affiliate networks % B2B/Trade %


Please detail the current mix of business as a percentage of your annual turnover.
Business to Business                 %
Business to Consumer                 %
Not for profit                 %
Total               100%
Do you subcontract work to 3rd parties?  If so, please give details here:


Please list any account wins or losses in the last 12 months .




WARNING: Only divulge information with the expressed consent of the employee.


Agency Experience

Please detail any recent (last 3 years) sector experience or Target Audience experience that is relevant to this brief e.g. client and brief description of the work undertaken for each brand.

(50 words per client)
(When did you work with them)
Key People Experience
(50 words per client)



Please complete the Non Disclosure Agreement attached at Appendix A

Please provide any additional information to support your submission





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