Procurement Project Initiation Template

Procurement Project initiation Template. A project plan is a useful tool to keep track off large projects or when you have multiple projects on the go. The templates are useful for the busy professional invited to attend a first kick off meeting but with little time to prepare. Armed with a good set of templates you can attend the meeting for an initial discussion and fact-finding exercise by bringing a printout or taking your laptop, perfect for busy managers who go from one meeting to another.

Impress your stakeholders and leave them with an impression of confidence. By completing your fact-finding in a structured way you can quickly follow-up by sending the Powerpoint Deck and the Project Plan soon after the initial meeting.

This download is an excel Gannt Chart and a Powerpoint presentation purchased separately.

The user can adapt the template by adding the project team members, inserting the milestones. The template is a visual document designed for both keeping track and sharing updates with key stakeholders at meetings.