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Procurement Coach

Are you ready for an interesting and rewarding career in Procurement?   Consider investing in a personal coach. It’s a proven concept that people can run a self-fulfilling prophecy or react to the pygmalion effect aka self-fulfilling prophecy. As a coach and mentor, I will give strength-based feedback to help you re-affirm your contribution and self-worth, I will also help you operate from a physiology of inner confidence and share my procurement advice to help you succeed.

Overcome your obstacles

Work with me

  • My coaching is suitable for people new to the profession, or who have a couple of years experience who want accelerated progression.
  • It is also suitable for procurement professionals who can benefit from a refresher or need support where they suffer from low confidence through lack of encouragement.
  • Work together to develop a  career plan
  • Get critique on tender  documents, evaluation criteria, price models
  • Discuss procurement contract management options
  • Practice interview questions
  • Get yourself a dedicated mentor
  • Work together to develop positive mindset for self-fulfilling prophecy

Why I qualify to be your coach

I am MCIPS qualified and have over 10 years experience covering both the private and public sector.


Why Coaching?

At some point in my career, I was once on the same journey as you. In my very first role, I was a junior member of the team, mainly doing admin. & given the grunt work. How do you get more experience when you have limited exposure to interesting projects, this is a catch 22 situation, how can you improve without getting involved in interesting projects. Looking back I if I could do it again, I would save my money from doing various online training courses and use the money instead to work with  a personal coach, 1:1 sessions are invaluable for confidence building and professional development, I do count myself lucky to have achieved rapid progression but I know the journey would be a lot easier if I had a helping hand.

Ready to talk!

Free introduction session  15 minutes telephone call

Procurement Coaching  Fees {purchase link coming soon}

Take 2 minutes to do the maths, if you sacrifice a holiday, a daily coffee, or cut cost in another area you can get 1:1 dedicated coaching to learn enough new skills to advance your career within 6 -12 months.  I cannot guarantee that you will get a promotion this is dependent on factors outside of my control but I can guarantee this is a journey that will be worth the investment because you will grow as an individual and long-term it more than likely you will get a promotion or be more successful applying for new role directly as a result of your new learnings and self-fulfilling prophecy, the coaching should give you a return on investment. If you have the right attitude and the right resources you will succeed.

  • Coaching Programme £65 per hour face to face central London coffee shop/ hotel bar (excluding VAT)
  • Recommended duration – 12 Months. Investment £65 per month, total fee £ 780 (exc. VAT)
  • Fast track option ( bi-weekly meeting compressed into 6 Months) Investment £130 per month, total fee £780 (exc. VAT)

Procurement Coach Bolt on £33 per month (including VAT)

  • A bolt on is available on top of the face to face coaching for £30 a month and includes email support. ( the bolt on is subject to reasonable use i.e. for urgent matters where the coaching client cannot wait until the next session for a response)  A bolt on is payable on the 1st of each month and expires at the end of the month. If the client chooses to pay for 6 or 12 months in advance they will receive a 20% discount for the bolt-on service.

*note coaching sessions are available in London only.


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