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New Supplier Form Template


Company Name:


Registered Address:




Company Registration Number:
VAT Number (if applicable):
Website address:
Number of employees:
If part of a Group, provide


Group Name:


Group Address:


Group Registration Number:

New Supplier Form to be passed to the Accounts Department

Business Address (if different from registered address):


Main Telephone Number:
Main Contact:
Main Contact’s Title
Direct Telephone Number:
Mobile Number:
Email address:


Finance Department Address (if different to above)


Finance Contact:
Direct Telephone Number:
Email address:


Bank Name:  





Bank Account Name:
Bank Account Number:
Bank Sort Code:
For overseas companies – please provide your:


IBAN Number


Name:            _________________________        Title:    ____________________________

Signature:       _________________________      Date:        ___________________________


If you would like to become a new supplier of Government contracts then check out Contracts Finder

New suppliers are important because they offer innovation. If the supply base stays the same with no new competition, incumbent suppliers are sometimes in the danger zone of getting complacent. Organisations want to give suppliers a level playing field when submitting tenders. Most contracts are subject to an element of competition unless the value is very low either under £1,000. In most instances, contracts under £10,000 are subject to three quotes so it could be a simple quotation process so don’t be put off by the competition, for lower-priced contracts you might have a one in three chance of winning the business.

If appointed internally your details will be added to the finance system to process payment, typically the buyer will fill in a new supplier form to capture the supplier details. In more advanced organisations the whole process will be done electronically and if a P2P system or source 2 pay system is used it’s likely that suppliers will have an opportunity to register their details online, removing the need for the paper-based new supplier form.

Buyers using the MS word or hard copy printouts can print the form on this page or copy it as a soft template.

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