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Negotiation Made Simple


Negotiation, a word that you either love or loathe. Whatever your negotiation style I’m going to teach you how to negotiate a deal.

  1. Establish rapport. People who are similar tend to like each other (mirror & Match)
  • Physiology
  • Tone of voice
  • Representational system ( Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Auditory Digital)
  1. Ask Discovery questions to find out the key rep. system. Discover the motivation, decision and motivation, reassurance strategies
  2. Establish a need. What’s the value proposition- what value can the other party bring to the table
  3. Link the value to the product or service– Get an agreement frame
  4. Close– Assume sale goes through, alternative choice

The Unconcious Mind

When negotiating most people link their conscious mind to their unconscious

How does the unconscious mind work?

  • We store memories
  • We use our emotions when we retrieve memories
  • It runs the body with a blue print – personality, reaction to situations
  • Prefers known outcomes such as following clear instructions
  • Receives and transmits information to the conscious mind
  • Generates ideas and transmits energy
  • Maintains and generates habits
  • Likes repetition until a habit is installed
  • Takes everything as being personal
  • Works on the principle of least effort


First impressions:

7% Words (rapport can be improved by using words in their own language)

38% Tonality (voice, pitch, speed, quality, loudness)

55% Physiology (posture, gesture, facial expression, breathing)

Rep Systems

Representational System Description
Visual Memories by seeing pictures and are less distracted by noise, Often have trouble remembering and are bored by long verbal instructions because their mind may wander. Interested in how the project looks
Auditory Typically are distracted by noise, They can repeat things back to you easily and learn easily by listening. They like music and to talk on the phone. Tone of voice and words are important
Kinaesthetic Often talk slowly and breathy response to physical rewards and touching. Memorise by doing or walking through something. Interested in a program that feels right or gut feeling
Auditory Digital Spend a fair amount of time talking to themselves, Memorise by steps and procedures and sequences, They want to know the project makes sense. They can also exhibit characteristics of other rep systems.

Eye Pattern (refresh page if PDF google doc has not loaded)


Concessions Upper Limit Concessions Lower Limit
 [insert]  [insert]

Identify issues and best alternative

Negotiator Agreed Negotiation points [insert below]
Areas of Agreement
Make mental note of body language and rep system
State issues to be resolved
Probe for outcomes in disagreements
Reminder shared interest
Develop options
Get agreement on best options


  • Do not respond to a proposal with a counterproposal

Restate, validate, clarify and probe

  • Invent options for mutual gain
  • Avoid attack/ defence exchanges
  • Avoid judgements
  • Separate intent from behaviour
  • Label ‘suggestions’ and ‘questions’ Let me offer a suggestion or I’d like to ask a question
  • Make yourself agreeable, i.e. I’m having trouble understanding rather than you don’t make sense

 State your reasons

1) Reason

2) Explanation

3) Proposal

Handling Objections

  • If they ignore the objection and pretend it never came up, make sure its added back to the discussion.
  • Restate your expectations, and clarify the value of what you are negotiating
  • If objections are not resolved after 5 minutes go onto other issues
  • Make sure that the people at the meeting have the power to make decisions
  • Watch out for “If” what would happen “if”
  • Watch out for conditional close if I X will you Y

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