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Evaluation Criteria (Low Value)

Evaluation Matrix The evaluation criteria explained here is suitable for low-value basic supplier evaluations and purchases. If you would like the detailed evaluation template you can purchase the premium Evaluation Criteria. The premium version includes an evaluation criteria table in MS Word and the corresponding individual scoring and moderation templates in excel.

All quotes and tenders should be accompanied by an evaluation criteria so suppliers know what they need to do to score higher marks, whether if the requirement is focused on cost or quality or a mix of both.

Below is an example, scroll down to the bottom of the excel version that can be edited to suit your actual requirements.

Quality 70%

Evaluation Criteria – Quality Maximum Score % Weighting Score Weighted Score
Add below the criteria which reflect the requirements of your brief and update the weightings as stated in the Invitation to Quote.

Note quality and price weightings should be weighted according to your needs.

The weightings for the quality criteria must add to 70 %.  Requirements are scored between 1-5 and in this example, the weightings add up to 70%
Requirement 1        5                       10
Requirement 2        5                       10
Requirement 3        5                       10
Requirement 4        5                       20
Requirement 5        5                       20

Total Score               25
Weighted Score                                70


Price Weighting 30%  
Lowest Price £100
Supplier 1 £110 27.27
Supplier 2 £100 30.00
Supplier 3 £125 24.00
Supplier 4 £150 20.00
Supplier 5 £130 23.08
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