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How To Describe Reprocurement Definition

Is Reprocurement a word in the dictionary? Probably not, the colloquial expression is used to describe recurring purchases. Therefore the best way to describe re procurement as a definition is the “procurement of goods of services that are a recurring requirement”

Why do organisations have a requirement for reprocurment? There are certain goods and services that are required as evergreen contracts, basic examples that everyone can identify with i.e. contract such as stationery items unless your hi-tech organisation doesn’t use pens and papers if that’s the case perhaps you might have a recurring requirement for laptops and notebooks.

Depending on the value of the contract suppliers typically have to bid to win the right to supply goods or services. Sometimes there is a danger that clients prefer to re-procure with the same supplier because they know and trust suppliers that they have worked with in the past. New suppliers should not be discouraged from participating in a bid, though existing suppliers may have an advantage in knowing the customer’s preferences, this isn’t an automatic done deal, in fact, it’s far from it.  If the contract is of a certain value, its likely that it needs to be competitively tendered. Public sector organisations are subject to EU regs, even after Brexit, the 2015 Public Regulations will still exist as part of UK law. Private sector companies are obliged to tender contracts transparently and genuinely in line with the law to avoid fraud or misrepresentation cases. In addition to the law being on allowing for a level playing field, some existing suppliers get complacent and without good contract management contracts go wrong, and there may be a desire to switch suppliers and initiate a reprocurement exercise.

Most procurement departments will have a contracts register, either a cloud based contact management system or a simple excel sheet with dates of existing contract expiry. Every couple of years there will be a new need to carry out a reprocurment exercise.

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