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Communications Plan Template

Procurement managers can do more to raise the profile of the profession and let the organisation know how any why they add value.  In order to get a seat at the table, stakeholders need to view support as a value add rather than being a block to get the goods and services they need. You can do this by using communications plan to help you structure the conversation and tailor it to different audiences withing the organisation.

Most people know how to do the procurement but they lose sight of the messaging. A communications plan template can be adapted for procurement mangers who have larger projects or need to communicate strategic change within an organisation.

We take it for granted some of the procurement steps are like ABC but why should someone from a different department speak your language? They need you to break things down into small bite size chunks of information that is easy to understand and digest.

Purchase a pre-populated communications plan as an easy way to communicate procurement plans and roll out. Communications planning designed to give you credibility when working with senior management.  13 Pages in MS word format. Headings include the following: Project Summary, challenges, communication objectives Audience, much more.

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