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Business Case Checklist

Business Case checklistThis Business Case checklist is for the Treasury Full Business Case

A business case provides justification for a project or programme. It helps evaluate the cost-benefit and risk of different options and provides a rationale for the recommended solution.

Business cases are live documents that should be updated to show new changes. A version control will help document changes.



A business case typically includes the:

  • strategic case – the background of the project or programme and why it is needed;
  • options appraisal – what options have been considered and which has been chosen (not forgetting the ‘do nothing’ option);
  • expected benefits – the benefits that will arise from the work
  • commercial aspects – the costs, investment appraisal and funding arrangements;
  • risk – the major risks and their impact on the business case;
  • timescales – a summary of the delivery of outputs and realisation of benefits.

Below is a high-level checklist for the Treasury Greenbook business case more information can be found direct

Business Case Checklist-Strategic Case Include
Explain how the project will be the best fit with the organisation’s strategy Ongoing evaluation of business strategy/ plans. How negotiations impact on final deal
Strategic fit- does the outcome still satisfy the outline business case and meet business needs Gather stakeholder confirmation in writing – i.e. signature at the end of a project evaluation report. Notification of changes documented
Spending objectives Change control procedure. Cost for additional services
Business Case Checklist-Economic Case Include
Number of suppliers bidding- was there a suitable range Tender process, evaluation criteria, long list of suppliers, shortlist, description of each bid, BAFO, tender report
Economically advantageous Options- do nothing/do minimum, BAFO, sensitivity analysis, risk, quantification, treatment of cost- green book
Commercial Case Include
Procurement Procurement advice
Deliverables Outline of contract, services current and future, delivery timescales,design-build, operate, payment mechanisms, performance and availability, volume, incentives, performance measures
Enforceable contract Standard terms or special terms and conditions, key contractual terms agreed
Business Case Checklist-Financial Case Include
Is it affordable Financial appraisal, assessment of capital and future requirements on net prices, impact on balance sheet
Business Case Checklist-Management Case Include
Business and cultural implications Programme for change management m business process re-engineering, people implications
Implementation  Plans Contract management strategy, dispute resolution
How will benefits be delivered Benefits realisation plan, risk management strategy, monitoring and reporting, arrangements registers and regular audits
Project evaluation post-project evaluation process, peer reviews
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